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Butterflies of Catalonia

Comunidad Virtual de Usuarios de Entomología

El Mundo de los Insectos

El Reino Animal en la Península Ibérica y las Islas Baleares

Fauna Ibérica

Fitxes de Plagues (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Insectarium Virtual




The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book

Entomology on World-Wide Web

Insects on WWW

Entomology Index of Internet Resources

Iowa State Entomology Index: Images



A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects



Bioimages. Virtual Field-Guide (UK)

Biological Control: a Guide to Natural Enemies in North America

Biological Control News

Biological Control Virtual Information Center


Compendium of Pesticide Common Names


ENMARIA Resistance Management Matters

Entomology at Clemson University

European Pollinator Initiative

European Whitefly Studies Network (EWSN)

Exotic Forest Pest Information System for North America

Global Crop Pests

HYPP Zoologie en ligne

Identification Systems for Biocontrol Insects

Index to Organism Names

Insect Company

Insect Image Gallery at Texas A&M University

Insectes du Quebec sur Internet

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee

International Commision on Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN)

IPMnet (Consortium for International Crop Protection)

Kentucky Integrated Pest Management

Lepidoptera and some other life forms

National IPM Network North Carolina Component

North Carolina State University. Department of Entomology

North Carolina State University. Department of Entomology
(Course of General Entomology)

Parasitic Nematodes Home Page

Pest Management & Identification. UC Pest Management Guidelines

Pest Management Resource Centre

Plagas Online - Todo sobre el control de Plagas Urbanas

Principles of Insect Morphology

Purdue University. Department of Entomology

Radcliffe’s IPM World Textbook

Swedish Lepidoptera

The Pherolist

UC Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project

University of California, Davis. Department of Entomology

University of California, Riverside. Department of Entomology

University of Kentucky. Department of Entomology

Vegetable IPM Resource for the Midwest

Web Images of North American Moth Species

Wheat Diseases and Pests

Whitefly Knowledgebase

Wonderful World of Insects

Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of sciences